digging for truth

fresh air,
air freshener.

guard rails and
railing guards

security guards
guarding  places.

already safe places
guarding places
to make you and me feel safe.

safety zone.
I am only ever sometimes in
the zone.
zoning out

out of touch

I am out of touch.

I am out of touch,
touching you.


Anxiety is a Cigarette (the lungs).

Oxygen can feel, too often,
like Smoke.
I breathe in then i


I don’t smoke.
But i know
how it feels
to Breathe in Bad Air.
then hold it there &
inhale .

Breathebreathebreathe. breathe.


anxiety is my cigarette.
I take in three packs a day



I want to know my life is
Not Filter or Bronze, or Tummy
cropped out.

I want to know my life is
Not Fake.

I think I think
Too Much

So Much
that I ruin my own art
in irrelevant noise.